strange birds
God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts

Moonlight spilled off the polished surface of the boy’s violin as he turned to lay it down on top of the wardrobe, the bow beside it. When he turned back to her, he was smiling. I should have introduced myself earlier,” he said. “I’m James Carstairs. Please call me Jem—everyone does.”


headers lorde LIKE ou HIPSTEAM


Groups that cheer me every day with their songs / My favorite Groups 1/(x)

Florence and the Machine ,Lorde , Haim,♥ Lana del Rey.♡, Marina and the Diamonds ♡. 


I think I have pretty good taste in musc.✖️

If I Stay OST [Deluxe Edition

1. “Who Needs You” – The Orwells
2. “Until We Get There” – Lucius
3. “I Want What You Have” – Willamette Stone
4. “All of Me” – Tanlines
5. “Promise” – Ben Howard
6. “Never Coming Down” – Willamette Stone
7. “Halo” – Ane Brun & Linnéa Olsson
8. “I Will Be There” – Odessa
9. “Mind” –…


I’m sorry but I really have a strong need to see Finnick soon. I can’t continue without him.


Thank you for everything you have done for us ♥